Hearing Aids & Styles

Hearing Aids at Pacifica ENT

One of the many services otolaryngology specialist Dr. Sarah Vakkalanka with Pacifica ENT in Huntington Beach and Orange County, California, offers is providing hearing aids for patients who need them. A hearing aid is a life-changer for someone struggling to hear, but there are many types available. Finding the right one is challenging, which is why Dr. Vakkalanka is on hand to help her patients make the best choice for their hearing needs.

Who needs a hearing aid?

A hearing aid is a specific type of medical device designed to amplify sound waves. What this means for patients is that not everyone with hearing loss will benefit from having a hearing aid because there are different types of hearing loss:




People with mixed or conductive hearing loss need an amplification device like a hearing aid. When you have conductive hearing loss, it means sound has trouble reaching your inner ear where it can be translated into electric impulses for the brain. People with sensorineural hearing loss can benefit from a different device such as a cochlear implant.

How do hearing aids work?

In the early days, hearing aids were called ear trumpets because they gathered sound and directed it toward the inner ear. Modern devices are more complex but use the same basic process. They gather sound waves and amplify them so that they can reach your inner ear for processing. This is why having a professional help you find and fit the hearing aid is critical, because the better the fit the more effective the device.

How do you choose a hearing aid?

Many variables go into the configuration a hearing aid. Dr. Vakkalanka and her staff will take into account the extent of the patient’s hearing loss, as well as certain physical characteristics and lifestyle factors. One of the most important decisions is style. There are additional features to consider, as well, like noise reduction or directional microphones that pick up sound from directly in front of the wearer.

There are many different kinds of hearing aids available, including:

  • Completely in the canal
  • In the canal
  • In the ear
  • Behind the ear
  • Receiver in the ear
  • Open fit

Hearing Aid Styles

What things should you consider before buying a hearing aid?

Purchasing a hearing aid is an investment, so consider your options carefully. Dr. Vakkalanka and her staff can help you find a device with a trial period, for example, to make sure it fits your needs. You will also want a hearing aid that comes with a warranty in case something goes wrong with the device.